Someone You Should Know

Luis Ramos, ND, CNHP Norma Ramos, ND, CNHP

Meet Luis and Norma Ramos of Redondo Beach, California. For the past three years they have owned Blaine's Nutrition Holistic Health Center. Originally from Ecuador, they both grew up learning the value and effectiveness of natural remedies. Their families raised them with a clear understanding that organically grown herbs, fruits and vegetables, pure water and clean air were necessary for a healthy body. Their families knew each other and after they immigrated to the U.S., they completed their education, married and started their own family. But they never forgot their roots and passion for natural health. Luis said, "When I turned 55 years old I knew it was time to make a big change in my life. For 26 years I'd worked in the defense industry as an electrical engineer. Now it was time to pursue the passion full time."

Married for over 43 years, Luis and Norma continued to expand their natural health education. Both are traditional naturopaths and received their ND degrees from the International College of Healing Arts in Los Angeles. They became certified in CNHP and Luis became a CNHP Spanish instructor. Seven years prior to making the "big leap" they had been doing health consultations part time. Their office was minutes away from Blaine's Nutrition Holistic Health Center, a well-established health food store in Redondo Beach. When they learned the former owners were going to sell the business, they made the big leap and bought it.

"By then our life was well established, our children were grown and we already had one grandchild. While most people begin to slow down at this point in life, Norma and I stepped it up and we've never looked back. We have a wide age group of customers and clientele. People were happy that we continued carrying the product lines they were familiar with and delighted when we didn't raise our prices when we took over. The Center has been in business at that location since l955 and some of our customers are the children and grandchildren of the early patrons."

When asked individually what their philosophy is about natural health and healing it's no surprise that their answers were in harmony with each other. After being together for 43 years, this charming couple have lived their lives and pursued their goals in unison. Luis said, "The basis of our practice is balancing the energy of the body and its emotions." Norma offered, "Everything has to be in balance to work properly. Get back to basics and keep it simple." It's no wonder their business and practice thrive. They understand the laws of nature and are a natural health oasis in their community. Norma and Luis Ramos are definitely people you should know.