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Genetically Modified Corn Kills Cows

Syngenta Corporation is facing criminal charges for covering up previous livestock deaths from genetically modified (GM) corn. Bt176 is the name of the GM corn responsible for the deaths. The corporation is being charged with the willful cover-up of a company run study from 1996 that killed four cows just two days after consuming what has now been dubbed “Frankencorn.”

In 2007 the company falsely testified in a civil court case that Bt176 corn was safe, which resulted in the dismissal of charges against the company. Syngenta Corp received government approval to run field trials on German farmer Gottfried Gloeckner’s property and livestock. Only after losing dozens of cattle and gaining mountains of debt did he discover the 1996 company cover-up. Since then another fabricated study has come to light involving sheep in an attempt to draw attention away from the former 1996 farce.

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Microwaving Cancels Out the Benefits of Vitamin B12

The microwave is a convenient tool for warming a meal, but it alters the nutrient makeup of foods and does not preserve vitamins. Microwaving food converts vitamin B12 into a non-useable form, which the body cannot use. Bodies need vitamin B12 to nourish the nerves and it may be helpful with conditions like Parkinson’s, Bell’s palsy and MS. It is one of the few known substances that have an impact on damaged nerves. It plays an important role in protein conversion and is needed to help prevent anemia. B12 is found in sea vegetables such as kelp, dulse and nori. It is also abundant in soybeans, meats, eggs, seafood and dairy products.

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Temporary Victory on New Supplement Guidance (NDI) Draft

The FDA has agreed that the former New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) draft needs to be revised. This is a big victory for the supplement industry and anyone who uses supplements. The former NDI draft would have allowed the FDA to deny the sale of any supplement created or altered in the last seventeen years and allowed the drug companies to adapt, patent and resell them to the consumer via prescription only. Thanks to an outpouring of concern and protest from the public, the FDA has agreed to revamp the draft.

While this is a significant victory, it is only temporary. A deadline for revision has not yet been set and the specifics of what will be revised has not yet been determined. They plan to create an agreed upon list with the supplement industry to grandfather ingredients in that were marketed before 1994. This may sound good, but it could backfire. For instance, pyridoxamine, one of the three forms of B6, was taken off of the market by the FDA even though it was pre-1994, because according to the FDA, “there was not enough of the right kind of evidence…” to prove that it was around before 1994. A perfect example of why we need to be wary of grandfathering. Support is still needed. There would be no victory without the concern of supplement advocates. Readers are encouraged to continue to contact their representatives.

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BPA-Free? Not Quite

Bisphenol-A or BPA is an endocrine disrupting chemical found in polycarbonate plastics. It is used in thermal cash register receipts, baby bottles, children’s dental sealants and fillings. Problems linked to BPA include cancer, birth defects and heart disease. BPA products are a growing concern and many countries, including some states in the U.S., have banned its use in children’s products.

Be warned that products which claim to be BPA free many not be any safer. They may have taken out the A but all that’s been done is trade one chemical for another. If it says it’s BPS, it is just as dangerous. BPS is in the same class chemically as BPA. If the product is BPS it is a BPA free product, but it still contains Bisphenol, so basically nothing has changed except a letter.

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Phytosterols Are The Good Fats

Phytosterols are good fats that come from plants and help reduce cholesterol levels. They can be found in raw fruits, raw veggies, nuts, seeds, beans and healthy oils like avocados, coconut, flax and olive. They are most beneficial in their natural form because they help to control blood sugar levels, reduce inflammation and improve immunity. To get the maximum benefit plan to avoid foods that are fortified with phytosterols. They are infusing it into orange juice, margarine and processed foods. There’s no reason to substitute. Just eat it the natural way and let your body do the rest.