Pioneer's Corner

Lorraine Rosenthal and Cancer Control Society

“I was raised in a stimulating environment in Northern California. My mother was my primary influence because I lost my father to cancer of the esophagus when I was very young. Growing up in Berkeley, California we lived a natural life. It was the norm in our neighborhood for people to grow their own victory gardens and raise chickens in their backyards. My mother was an intellectual with a PhD in Zoology. Like her, I pursued a degree in Zoology at the University of California at Berkeley. At heart, I was really an athlete with a passion for tennis. However, I wanted to go into the medical field. I worked as a laboratory technician in cancer research at the Osteopathic School and also the City of Hope in Los Angeles. I also managed a health food store and began to conduct an extensive study of health and nutrition.”

From that diverse beginning, Rosenthal became the co-founder, with Betty Lee Morales, of the Cancer Control Society in Los Angeles in l973. The organization was formed as a non-profit charity whose goal was, and still is, to provide information about complementary and alternative therapies to thousands of people looking for answers. Betty Lee Morales was a frequent lecturer about nutrition on television, radio and at conferences. Lorraine Rosenthal amassed a valuable collection of books, films and journals on nutrition, maintaining good health and preventing disease. Rosenthal became the society’s convention director and was responsible for the production of two films: Nature’s Answer to Cancer, the story of Laetrile and Action for Survival, the National Health Federations’ documentary film starring Ralph Nader and Adelle Davis promoting freedom of choice issues.

Since their beginning, the Cancer Control Society has hosted an annual convention in the Los Angeles area. It brings in professionals from around the world to speak on the latest controls and treatments for cancer and other degenerative diseases. People come from all over the world to attend. A notable feature of the convention is the Doctor’s Symposium where medical professionals share their most current ideas and learn from one another.

The Cancer Control Society will celebrate its 40th anniversary. They exhibit at a number of public events and professional conferences around the U.S. With chapters in other countries, the headquarters in Los Angeles sends out books and DVDs providing education and useful examples of complementary medicine. As part of their mission, they send out packets of information to patients and their families who are distressed at a diagnosis and are searching for better ways to approach the disease process. The value of the Society continues to grow as more and more people seek non-toxic alternative therapies and nutrition.

The 40th Annual Cancer Control Society Convention takes place September 1 thru 3, 2012 at the Sheridan Universal Hotel in Hollywood, California. For more information, contact the Cancer Control Society located in Los Angeles, California. Visit their website: www.cancercontrolsociety. com or call 323 663 7801